Signup for our ReNew Program

The New Year is coming and most people set goals for themselves. However most people have a hard time sticking to their goals and by February they fall off the wagon. Well we say "Not this time!" The secret to achieving your goals? Accountability and structure. We've put together a 6 month program to renew your physical and mental well-being. The program starts January 1st and ends June 30th. Based upon your results from our questionnaire, you will be provided with a guided class schedule and food plan. This program is not about losing weight, it's about renewing you. Your goal can be anything, from being more flexible, building up muscle, toning, de-stress, etc. We give you the structure needed and we hold you accountable every month.
*You get unlimited monthly visits so you can try out all of the classes, a food and nutrition guide, daily planner and shirt!
*The program is $130 per month and you must commit to the 6 months.
*Open enrollment is during the month of December and closes December 31st.